GELCON Solutions is an American company based on the east coast with locations in New York, Florida and New Jersey.

​GELCON products are biodegradable, non-toxic and replaces almost all uses of traditional surface treatment methods like sandblasting, pigging and acid washing. By replacing the traditional methods, companies are able to cut maintenance costs by up to 80%.

Contains only products from the PLONOR list, (Pose Little ONRisk)

GELCON Gel Series: Is well suited for treatment of ceilings, walls and other surfaces of metal and plastic/polyester products. The product is a non-toxic biodegradable fluid.

GELCON Cons Series: Is well suited for treatment of pipes with circulation, closed pipe systems like machines of metal and plastic/polyester. The product is a non-toxic biodegradable fluid.

Product overview 

Areas of use

  • Cleaning of stainless steel on offshore platforms / Vessel​​s
  • Cleaning of painted surfaces
  • Cleaning of vacuum systems
  • Cleaning of heat exchangers and plate coolers
  • Cleaning and disinfection of drinking water system
  • Cleaning of pipelines, tanks, processing plants
  • Cleaning of saltwater pipe systems
  • Flushing of different pipe systems
  • Heavier corrosion
  • Pacification of stainless
  • Propeller on Ship                                                             
  • Cleaning of RSW and Cargo Tanks for fish
  • Cleaning of boat engines, cooling
  • Facade Wash
  • Terrace Wash
  • Maintenance bath
  • Concrete Wash
  • Rubbing of concrete surfaces
  • Flushing of concrete pipes
  • Wash fish nets and other equipment added in sea
  • Moisture Treatment, pretreatment of larger boats / ships
  • Flushing of fire lines, load lines and other piping systems
  • Water treatment tanks, ballast tanks, etc. mud tanks.
  • Coating of ships docked
  • Disinfection of Wellboats


About Us


With the right knowledge of how to use the products, are the applying of them simple. Knowledge of the correct application, time of effect and the removal of the individual surface is all that is needed.

International Provider of environmentally responsible  Cleaning products